Award Winners

Each year, the Carolinas Secular Association presents the Carolinas Freethinker of the Year Award. Other awards that have been presented at past conferences include the Freethought Action Hero Award and the Special Achievement Award. Below are some pictures of past award winners….

Amy Glenn
Amy Glenn received the first Carolinas Freethinker of the Year Award at the first conference at Carolina Beach, NC in the fall of 2011.

Amy Monsky
President of the Secular Humanists of the Lowcountry and camp director of Camp Quest – SC Amy Monsky received the Carolinas Freethinker of the Year award in Charleston, SC in the fall of 2012.

Jennifer Lovejoy
At the same conference in 2012, founder and president of Western North Carolina Humanists and spokesperson for Western North Carolina Atheists Jennifer Lovejoy was presented with the first FreeThoughtAction Hero award.

Sue Kocher
Sue Kocher, production manager for two documentary film projects with filmmaker Scott Burdick: “Sophia Investigates The Good News Club,” which was featured in 2013 at the Atheist Film Festival in San Francisco, and “The March of Reason,” a five-part video documentary series filmed at the Reason Rally in Washington DC and Rock Beyond Belief at Fort Bragg, North Carolina received the 2013 Carolinas Freethinker of the Year Award.

Joseph McDaniel Stewart is the vice president of FreeThoughtAction, works with Fred Edwords for the United Coalition of Reason, and serves on the boards for the Secular Coalition for North Carolina and the ACLU-Charlotte. In 2010, he organized a loose coalition of secular groups throughout North Carolina to conduct the statewide “One Nation Indivisible” billboard campaign. In 2014, he received the Carolinas Freethinker of the Year Award.

Madison Kimrey is a 13 year-old writer, activist and actress from North Carolina. She founded NC Youth Rock with the goal of restoring the opportunity for 16 and 17 year-olds to preregister to vote. She is a Davidson Young Scholar Ambassador and recipient of her local NAACP’s Youth Social Justice Award. At the Carolinas Secular Conference in 2014, she received the first ‘Rising Light of Reason’ award.

President of Triangle Freethought Society Harry Shaughnessy received the FreeThoughtAction Hero Award in 2015.

Steven Hewett
Multiple award winning activist Steven Hewett received the 2015 ‘Carolinas Freethinker of the Year’ award.