Welcome to the Carolinas Secular Association…

The Carolinas Secular Association (CSA) is a regional coalition of reason of secular groups and individuals in the Carolinas.

The Association exists to develop and foster a supportive regional secular community by facilitating better communication to share information and resources, by supporting the education of local and regional leaders and activists, and by organizing regional and local secular events.

The Association hopes to promote the continuing growth, open engagement, and public acceptance of the secular community within a larger society through education, public outreach, and by engaging in joint and positive action where each group’s common interests and goals converge.

A centerpiece of the CSA is the Carolinas Secular Conference….

The Carolinas Secular Conference is an annual event of the secular movement primarily geared toward the interests and needs of leaders, activists, and enthusiasts living in the Carolinas.

The conference allows involved individuals to meet and discuss issues related to increasing the public’s awareness of the movement and fostering its growth. Attendees are provided with opportunities to learn skills and share practical experiences as well as to suggest and set annual goals for secular action.

Beyond its role as a working event, the Carolinas Secular Conference aims to be a joyous celebration of the growing secular movement and culture, recognize individual excellence in advancing it, inspire increasing engagement, and build a supportive community of secular groups and individuals across the region.

More information about previous conferences can be found HERE, links to the various secular groups in the Carolinas can be found HERE, the history of CSA can be found HERE, or you can contact us HERE.